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Mary Jeeter

Office Manager

Mary's role as the Office Manager at Haven Ministries is multi-faceted and vital to the smooth functioning of the organization. One of her primary responsibilities is to provide assistance to the Executive Director and supporting the daily functions of the food pantry.

In addition to her administrative duties, Mary also plays a crucial role in assisting clients at the resource center. She acts as a bridge between the clients and the various resources available in the community. By understanding the specific needs of each client, Mary can connect them to the appropriate services, whether it be housing assistance, employment opportunities, or healthcare services. Her compassionate and empathetic nature enables her to establish strong relationships with clients, making them feel heard and supported.

Furthermore, Mary takes on the responsibility of teaching budgeting classes to the clients. Recognizing the significance of financial literacy, she educates clients on effective budgeting techniques, money management, and saving strategies. By empowering clients with financial knowledge and skills, Mary equips them to overcome financial barriers and work towards achieving stability and self-sufficiency.

Mary's extensive knowledge and compassion are instrumental in ensuring that Haven Ministries fulfills its mission of providing holistic support to individuals and families in need. Her dedication to her role contributes significantly to the organization's ability to positively impact the lives of its clients and create a strong sense of community.


Mary Jeeter
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