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Sheran Fraser

Hope Warehouse Manager

As a Warehouse Manager at Hope, Sheran plays a crucial role in coordinating donations and sales of used furniture, appliances, and building supplies. This involves managing the inventory and ensuring efficient storage and organization of the donated items in the warehouse.

Sheran also oversees the retail job training program, which provides individuals with the opportunity to gain skills and work experience in a retail setting. This includes supervising trainees, providing guidance and support, and facilitating their professional development.

In addition, Sheran is responsible for maintaining relationships with donors, ensuring prompt and accurate donation pickups, and facilitating sales transactions with customers. Sheran works closely with the volunteers to strategize and implement effective marketing and pricing strategies to maximize revenue.

As a Warehouse Manager, Sheran must also ensure compliance with all safety regulations and procedures to create a safe working environment for staff and trainees. This involves regularly inspecting the warehouse, identifying potential hazards, and implementing necessary precautions to prevent accidents or injuries.

Overall, Sheran's role as a Warehouse Manager at Hope is multifaceted, encompassing coordination, supervision, and strategic planning, all aimed at facilitating the successful running of the warehouse and the retail job training program.


Sheran Fraser
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