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Amanda James

Food Pantry Director

Amanda's primary responsibility as the Food Pantry Coordinator is to ensure that all individuals and families in Queen Anne's County have access to nutritious food to meet their needs.

In addition to her direct interaction with guests, Amanda works closely with a team of volunteers who assist in setting up the food pantry, stocking shelves, organizing inventory, and assisting guests in selecting and packing their groceries.

Amanda also manages the inventory and procurement of food supplies for the (2) food pantries located in Queenstown and Sudlersville. She keeps track of the stock levels, ensures that the pantry is well-stocked with a variety of items, and coordinates with the Maryland Food Bank, grocery stores, and suppliers to secure donations or discounted purchases.

As the Food Pantry Coordinator, Amanda is responsible for maintaining accurate records and documentation. She keeps track of the number of individuals served, and the quantities of food distributed. This data helps the organization assess the efficiency and effectiveness of their services and provides valuable insights for future program planning and implementation.

Overall, Amanda's role as the Food Pantry Coordinator is critical in ensuring that individuals and families in Queenstown and Sudlersville have access to essential food resources. Through her direct interaction with guests and collaboration with volunteers and community partners, she strives to meet the immediate food needs of the community while also addressing the underlying challenges that individuals may face.


Amanda James
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